One of the joys of working at Calvin & Susie is hearing all the wonderful stories about how pets found their Forever Homes. Some pets are really inspiring- surviving adversity, hunger, illness, homelessness, and so much more. After all that they are still able to smile up at us (YES, I’m completely convinced dogs and cats DO smile!) and bring so much happiness into our lives. So welcome to A Dog’s/Cat’s Tale, a recurring post on our blog that will feature an “interview” with one of the many amazing pets we had the privilege to meet. If your pet has an amazing story, feel free to contact us at Louise@calvinandsusie.com and sharehis or her story. Your pet may be our next featured interview! So

Kitty Cat Corner

The jig is up. Your Loyal Calvin and Susie Blogger is a Cat Person. Fear not! I LOVE dogs too! I’ve had dogs my entire life, and this is the first time I’ve found myself sans canine. But it’s true. I’d currently call myself a (deep breath) CAT PERSON. I am the proud servant to a cranky old calico girl cat, and I’d sell my fiance up the river for her. At the store, I tend to get a lot of cat questions. These are my three favorite Frequently Asked Questions: Hello Helpful Calvin & Susie worker! Can I walk my cat on a leash? So, before I worked here I said a resounding, “NO”, actually it was more like a resounding, “No! That will never work! Why do you want to do that?”. O! How wrong I was! T

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