So, you may or may not keep hearing about these nifty things called “prebiotics” and “probiotics”. And you may or may not be scratching your head wondering, “Gee, Calvin & Susie Blogger, what are they? Does my pet need both? Are they the same thing? Before embarking on this post, I only had a basic understanding of prebiotics and probiotics. I knew that probiotics are a substance that stimulates the growth bacteria in the intestinal tract that supplements normal, beneficial flora,- but I wasn’t entirely sure what prebiotics were. My knowledge of them was relegated to the understanding that they were a fiber that nourished bacteria. Thats it. And how exactly do these substances aid in the hea


Working at Calvin & Susie is a rewarding job. You get to leave the store everyday feeling as if you have perhaps made a difference in the well being of a fluffy family member somewhere out there. Unlike when I was working in the corporate world, I can sleep at night knowing that I’ve helped a pet owner pad their pet’s tummy with yummy food instead of padding some company’s wallet. One of the only things that is truly gut wrenching about working here is when you hear about lost pets. Because of our reputation and the compassion of everyone who works here, we get multiple fliers, messages, e mails and posts every week about missing pets. Every time we hear of a pet who has gone missing, we all


Hello, Aloha and Howdy! Welcome to the first official Calvin & Susie blog of 2013! Cheers! Now if you live in the world and either A) interact with humans and/or B) subscribe to some form of social network, you have probably noticed the plethora of Resolutions being bandied about. Some of my favorites that I’ve seen on Facebook include: “I’m going to learn french!” “I’m going to be unrelentingly positive!” “No more paper cups and plastic bottles!” “I’m going to lose weight!” “I’m giving up caffeine in all forms!” <— INSANE In perusing these Resolutions, I started thinking about Brandy the Cat. What can I do better for her this year? And perhaps the larger question, what can WE as devoted pet

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