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Jessie was a gift.

The children ran down the staircase on Christmas morning and were delighted to find a tan and cream colored ball of fluff yelping at them softly from under the tree. The squeals of joy echoed throughout the house and Christmas day was indeed merry and bright.

As the days wore on and winter turned to spring and spring to summer, the little ball of tan and cream colored fluff grew and grew. His little yelps grew into big, strong, grown up barks- he loved to talk- and he discovered a passion for chewing up shoes. His playmates, the children, grew up too, turning to video games and clothes instead of tossing the tennis ball with Jessie.

Jessie’s family decided he talked too much and chewed too many shoes, so one Christmas, Jessie was given a bed…outside.

Again, the winter turned to spring and the spring turned to summer, and Jessie lived outside. When it got hot, his once soft paws burned on the concrete and turned rough like sand paper. When the children forgot to give him water, he drank out of the swimming pool. Jessie still talked and talked, but nobody listened to him anymore.

One day, when it was very hot, two people came into his yard. Jessie remembered these people as friends, an older lady and a girl, both with black hair. They often spoke back to him and gave him fresh water and food. This day was different though. Today they put a leash on his collar and opened the gate. Jessie trotted out with them and crossed the street to a pink brick house. The lady opened the door to the house and lead Jessie in, where to his delight the cold, hard floor of the house cooled his hot paws. The lady closed the door and unhooked Jessie’s leash and hung it up. “Come on Jessie! Come on Jess!” cried the girl and Jessie chased her into the kitchen where a crunchy biscuit waited for him.

From that day on Jessie lived with the lady, the girl, some grumpy cats and a man. Jessie’s feet were never burnt again, and he got lots of crunchy biscuits and chewy shoes to munch on. Jessie only felt the warm sun from his favorite spot by the window and the only swimming pool that splashed his face was the one that the girl and he would play and swim in together. Jessie’s bed was now next to the lady’s bed, and sometimes curled up next to the girl in her people-bed. Best of all, Jessie could talk and talk, and even if his people asked him to be quiet, he always had someone to talk to the next day and the day after and forever.

The little tan and cream colored ball of fluff named Jessie lived out his days warm when it was cold and cool when it was hot. He chattered and talked and chewed and played.

And yes, he was a gift.


The above is the story of my second dog, Jessie AKA Jessie the Wonder Dog. Jessie was given as a Christmas gift to a family who didn’t deserve him. I thought of him when I read this article from

Please never encourage puppies or kittens or any animal to be given as a gift unless the recipient is completely committed to being that animal’s Forever Home.

Happy Holidays!

~Your Loyal Calvin & Susie Blogger

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