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Cat Food

We believe that what goes inside the tummy is the most important thing in pet care.  We can do without a new outfit, or wait for Christmas for a new toy or a blankie, but we try not to skimp on the food.   After all, that’s what they eat Every Single Day.  It is what sustains them.  Your pets’ health and nutrition is our number one priority, so we try to make good nutrition as affordable as possible.
Here are some of the high quality brands that we carry in our store. For more information about any of these brands or to place an order, contact us today.

Cat Litter

Looking for high quality products that are safe for your cat and for the environment? Check out the following cat litter products that Calvin and Susie stock at their store.

Cat Toys & Catnip

Whenever we can, we try to stock our shelves with toys that are made in the US with non-toxic materials for your cats.  We thought it was important since some cats carry them around in their mouths or roll around in it.

Cat Treats

When we treat our furry friends, we want to feel confident that the treats are great tasting and good for our cats. That is why we carry the following brands of Cat Treats.

Cat Apparel, Collars, Leads

For the kitty in your life, we have break-away collars with bells that will keep her safe and make her the envy of every catwalk.

Cat Grooming, Cleaning, Supplements

Ok, so our pets don’t really care if they smell like old cheese wrapped in a wet rag, but we parents mind it very much.   We have a variety of gentle and natural grooming products to help you keep the little ones’ skin healthy and the hair shiny and fluffy.
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