April 1, 2013

Deus-Ex-Microwave or How Zen Got His Cheese Back


By The Calvin & Susie Blogger, Zen the Dog, and Ash N.

It all started with this:



and this:




Calvin & Susie Blogger: Zen, do you want a treat?


Zen the Dog: Yes, give me cheetos, only chewier and less messy.


Calvin & Susie Blogger: Zen, you know dogs can’t have cheetos. How about a Himalayan Dog Chew?


Zen the Dog: Calvin & Susie Blogger, I love my Himalayan Dog Chew, but I want something different. Something, puffy and cheesy.

(Enter Ash N. carrying a microwave)


Zen the Dog: What do you have there, Calvin & Susie Blogger?


Ash N.: The ANSWER TO YOUR PRAYERS, Zen. Let’s get ready to ‘wave. (plugs in microwave)


Zen the Dog: Wow! Ash N.! Those were delicious, how can OUR FRIENDS AT HOME enjoy such healthy, cheesy, puffy treats too?


Ash N.: Well, Zen the Dog, it’s very easy. Simply microwave a chunk or left over bits of your dog’s Himalayan Dog Chew for about 30-37 seconds, depending on the size of the chunk. Let cool-


Zen the Dog: – yeah, don’t burn your dog’s mouth!-


Ash N.: – and serve! Serve fresh or seal them in a baggy for later.


Zen the Dog: Alright!


Ash N.: Yeah!


Calvin & Susie Blogger: Awesome!


(They all high five. Freeze frame on the 3 high-fiving. Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” plays.)


For more information on Himalayan Dog Chews and Yaky Puffs go to www.himalyandogchew.com or for more details on Yaky Puffs visit here.


~Your Loyal Calvin & Susie Blogger


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