One of the most common questions we get in the store is, “How can I control my dog’s weight?”. As pleasing as it can be to have a plump, happy dog, a chubby young dog can lead to a middle aged dog with health or mobility issues, and then possibly a senior dog with uncomfortable, painful, even life threatening health problems. While dogs do indeed come in all shapes and sizes, it is up to you to recognize what is the healthy weight for your dog. As any life long pet parent and pet lover will tell you, sometimes it’s just so tempting to spoil your four-legged family member in the way they most readily recognize: with food. But the same goes for children and dogs — spoil them now, and they suff


If you’ve been paying attention to recent health trends you’ve probably read about how everyone and their dog (literally) is into oils. Fish oils, plant oils, nut oils — you may even have spied certain oils in your pet’s food. You may be wondering, “Is it really good for my pets to have added oils in their diet? Oils are fat right? Should I really be adding fat into my pet’s diet?” Though we ALWAYS recommend consulting a vet first before adding anything to your pet’s diet (especially if your pet has pre-existing conditions), supplementing with “good fats” and oils can be beneficial. When most of us humans think of fat, we think of it as something to avoid. We consider fat to be something tha


Summer is almost here!!! Whether you’re in school or not, the idea of “summer vacation” is something that is inescapable around this time of year. Warm weather, sunny skies, lazy days…nothing completes my vacation like a good book. Whether it’s poolside, beach side, or simply while sipping a frosty beverage on my day off, taking the time to lose myself in a story always makes me feel a little mellower. Some of you may actually be planning trips right now! Ooooh, or maybe you’re going on a “Stay-cation”, if you live in Hawai’i why not? Well before you get packing or load up on expensive magazines at the airport (oh who am I kidding, I LOVE those expensive magazines at the airport), visit your

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