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Happy 2018 from the Calvin & Susie Family!

Happy New Year Calvin & Susie community!

It goes without saying, but 2017 was a big year. Not only were there big wins for animal welfare in the US – California making the sale of commercially bred pets illegal in pet stores and Honolulu’s passage of the pilot Feline Fix and Neuter Now programs aiming to make spay/neuter more affordable and accessible for Honolulu County residents, to name two important ones – but our Calvin & Susie family also made some big steps.

2017 marked the year that we were able to officially establish our non-profit, Calvin & Susie Hawaii Animal Foundation (CSHAF), and begin the work of helping Hawaii companion animals in-need. As many of you know, it’s been our dream from day one to create a non-profit that would allow us to provide care to animals less fortunate than than the fur babies snuggled up on our own couches. In 2017, we were finally able to begin actively achieving that dream.

Working with you to feed your Forever Pets and helping to provide care for future Forever Pets – sometimes we can’t believe how lucky we are to do this work.

Additionally, last year allowed us to expand our family, not only with devoted CSHAF volunteers, but also with now team members at Calvin & Susie. With those new team members come enthusiasm, smarts, and more ways for us to connect with you and serve the needs of your furry family members.

Oh yeah, and with new team members came new pets – bonus! (We now officially have a couple very sassy guinea pigs in our mix.)

So with 2018 upon us, here are some words from our staff, new and seasoned, about their favorite products from 2017, as well as what they are looking forward to in 2018!


Kim's Favorites

My favorite product that we got in in 2017 was the Open Farm pet foods and treats. I like this brand because their meats are ethically sourced, better for your conscience, better for the environment, and most importantly, better for your pet's health.

It has a few formulas that have proven to be very popular among some of our more picky four legged customers.

Kim's Pet Parent Resolutions for 2018

I have a 16 year old chihuahua, and he lives all the way in Maine. I miss him very much, so my "pet parent resolution" for 2018 is to send him a Calvin & Susie gift box every month. I want to make sure he gets good food in his old age (I like Stella and Chewy's for him!) and plenty of toys and accessories to help him out, as well my Mum, who has to look after him while I'm so far away.

And of course, Lol and Beaker resolve to eat even more carrots this year! [Kim's guinea pigs...what did I tell you?]

Kim's Furry Family


Excited for 2018

I'm excited for the new animals for the new Mighty Toys. My dog loves those toys so different creatures got me excited! Also excited for the new cat food we brought in, Farmina. I have a cat so it’s always exciting to try new stuff with him. It has unique proteins, like quail, so it’s something different for picky cats like mine.

Kayla's Pet Parent Resolutions for 2018

Exercise more with my pets. Focus on training and not giving in to bad habits. Be persistent with raw integration in my dog's kibble – it can be hard! (I have an 80lb Lab can’t do all raw all the time)*. Plus get my cat to LOVE his carrier, haha!

*Just goes to show, even for us, getting our finicky pets to eat new foods (even if it's good for them) ca be an ongoing process!

Kayla's Furry Family - Dagr the dog and Radar the cat


Paige's Favorites

My favorite new item of 2017 is the K9 Natural Beef Green Tripe Toppers! It is a simple and easy supplement that not only has nutritional value but adds extra flavor to my pup's meal. Green Tripe is what Hoku looks forward to the most every time meal time comes around!

Paige's Pet Parent Resolutions for 2018

My 2018 New Year's resolution is to start taking Hoku on hikes around the island and possibly a nice refreshing swim after every hike!

Paige's Fur Baby, Hoku


Kevin's Favorites

The C&S Beef, Pork, and Chicki Jerkies this year. I love that they are single ingredient and made right here in Honolulu. Even better, the proceeds go to supporting CSHAF.

Also the GoGo Venison Jerky, made from Axis Deer from Lanai. Sourcing from local Lanai deer helps to keep a local invasive species in check, so you get a product you can trust and it's helping the local eco-system.

Kevin doesn't have any pets of his own...yet!


Ashley's Favorites

Glycoflex. My boyfriend’s senior dog had a much smoother gait after giving for only a few days! THK instant goat milk: super easy and convenient way to give your dog goats milk. I like giving goat milk in general, so I appreciate the convenience. Good for digestion, picky dogs and those that need a little more nutrition. I sprinkle some over his raw primal and add more water! For dogs with allergies: Vital Essentials Rabbit Ears – because it’s not a common allergen [rabbit]. But you have to get over the fact that they are rabbit ears! Haha

The Mighty Toys Rainbow Farting Unicorn. Need I say why I like it? Treats for fun: Barkworthies Chicken Wings look good enough to eat. Good size, plus nice and crunchy. Vital Essentials Turkey Fries too. They’re turkey testes so they are soft, so good for those who have trouble eating. One of Zen’s favorites although not picky at all, is the Barkworthies Braided Gullet, the 12” one to be exact. He tried to shoplift the 12” even though the 6” was right next to it. Has been the only treat he tried to pick out himself!

As you might guess, Ashley has been with us for a while AND is a veterinary student so she has a lot to say!

Ashley's Fur Baby, Zen


Louise's Favorites

Maybe one of the less "glamorous" products we carry, but a perennial favorite of mine is the Uva Ursi Extract from Buck Mountain Botanicals. As a cat parent who has had a few senior kitties over the years, in my experience Uva Ursi can really make a difference in maintaining a cat's urinary tract health – a problem lots of cat owners eventually have to deal with. I highly recommend every cat parent considering adding Uva Ursi into their cat's diet. A few drops can make so much difference in their health and comfort.

Louise's Pet Parent Resolutions for 2018

With my new kittens I'm really excited to start their diet off right. As they are adopted community cats, the girls are slowly transitioning onto a mostly raw diet. My goal for 2018 is to feed them the way I wish my senior cats – who came to me later in life – had been eating for the entirety of their life. Aside from their yummy Primal raw frozen food, I'm excited to try Primal's new Bone Broth. Moisture, moisture, moisture makes kitty systems happy!

Louise's Fur Babies, Dorothy and Agatha

So that's what the Calvin & Susie staff have on their minds for the new year! We'd love to chat with you more so, if you have any questions about anything we've mentioned here, don't be a stranger! Come on by the store and talk pet food (or toys or supplements or clothes or...) with us. Obviously, we love it! And tell us, what are you looking forward to as a pet parent in 2018?

Hauʻoli makahiki hou!

~Your Loyal Calvin & Susie Blogger

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