When Your Cats Don't Get Along: Author Brenda Kwon Discusses Life with her "Catty" Gir

I’ve never liked the word “catty.” It’s always felt sexist to me. I mean, men can compete, insult each other, and fight physically. So why, when women do it, are they likened to cats hissing, scratching, and biting? “Catty” is one of those words that can launch me into a lecture about the way language reveals bias—in this case, in the area of gender. And that is exactly why I’m so conflicted right now. Because I live with two cats who more or less hate each other. And they’re both female. Mila and I found each other outside a mall restaurant where she charmed the workers into feeding her chicken and sausage every day. She wasn’t part of a colony, and she lived in a little nest she’d made on

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