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When Calvin & Susie opened its doors in 2010, we had a lot of goals.

We wanted to take the guesswork out of feeding your beloved pets. We wanted pet parents to take comfort in the fact that we hadn’t blindly stocked ourselves with well-marketed pet foods, but rather with foods that we had researched and reviewed. We believed, and still believe that every pet can eat in a wholesome way that directly correlates to their well-being.

Well-being. The well-being of animals has always been our impetus.

The desire for animal well-being, or welfare, extends beyond the food and products on our shelves. From the very beginning, along with good food for Oahu pets, our eye has been on improving the lives of animals who don’t yet have loving parents to buy food for them.

We took the “Puppy Pledge” to help fight against puppy mills; we donate our earnings to animal charities; we give to animal organizations in need of food and supplies; we lend our voice and support to those fighting for animal welfare. We’ve tried to help in all the ways we can.

And while we know that these things help and can make a difference, it has been our day-one dream to play an active role in improving the lives of animals in Hawaii.

We recently took a big step toward achieving that dream.

In early 2017, the board of the Calvin & Susie Hawaii Animal Foundation met for the first time. In the coming year, Calvin & Susie will begin offering aid to animals in need through Calvin & Susie Hawaii Animal Foundation, our non-profit, charitable foundation.

Calvin & Susie Hawaii Animal Foundation, or CSHAF, will work with local animal rescues, shelters, and organizations to help ensure the welfare of stray, abused, abandoned, neglected, displaced, or unwanted companion animals in Hawaii. While we are still building the infrastructure and fine-tuning the way in which we operate, it is our goal to be able to not only offer financial and veterinary aid to animals in foster care or in shelters, but also to provide a route for animals in Hawaii to find Forever Homes.

We hope that CSHAF can help minimize the number of needlessly euthanized companion animals in Hawaii. We hope to give every animal a chance regardless of breed, age, size, temperament, or health.

Furthermore, our work will extend into helping the often underserved “feral” or community cats of Hawaii. With Trap-Neuter-Return aid and education, in collaboration with and under the guidance of local cat advocates, rescuers, and feeders, we hope to help improve the lives of our local community cats.

Of course, we still have a lot of work to do. Even as you’re reading this, we’re drafting contracts and agreements, building the CSHAF website, working on raising funds, searching for donors, and

figuring out just how we can compliment the animal rescuers and advocates already active in Oahu and in the State of Hawaii.

But through all the hard work, we are excited. CSHAF is what we’ve been talking about for so long. During quiet moments in the store, on breaks, while we’re locking up for the night – it feels like we’ve been taking notes for years. In phrases that often start with, “Wouldn’t it be great if…” CSHAF has slowly been taking shape.

And that’s part of what makes this thrilling for us. CSHAF is an extension of “The Calvin & Susie Family.” We didn’t bring in a bunch of new people or strangers to do the work for us, CSHAF is being brought to life by the people who you’ve come to know over the years.

Behind the scenes or behind the cash register, many of the people who have helped you choose your dog or cat’s food are now helping to build CSHAF. We always say that you, our customers, help shape the store. By extension, you’re helping to shape CSHAF. Through your compassion, your adoption stories, the way in which you love your pets and feel for the struggles of animals who are less fortunate, you helped create a community that CSHAF looks to for guidance.

At this point, some of you may be asking, “Is Calvin & Susie going to change now that CSHAF exists?”

No. We will carry on with business as usual. We will still support the animal organizations we’ve always supported, and our earnings will still go to keeping the store running and to animals in need. But now all the proceeds from our Calvin & Susie Treats, Aloha Pet Beds, Aloha petwear, Holoholo collars, leashes, or bandanas, and any future Calvin & Susie brand products will go to helping animals through CSHAF.

Calvin & Susie and CSHAF, though run by many of the same people, are two separate entities; the store and the non-profit.

So that, Calvin & Susie community, is what we’ve been up to. In the coming weeks and months we’ll keep you updated with our progress. In the near future the CSHAF website will be up and running, and CSHAF will have a presence on social media. We hope you’ll check us out.

On a side note, we can’t wait to unveil our website – it will feature profiles and updates on all the animals we’re hoping to find homes for, foster/adoption/surrender information, volunteer opportunities, advocacy resources, and success stories about the animals we help!

Thank you for helping us get this far, we really couldn’t have done it without you.

And if you have any questions about Calvin & Susie or CSHAF, please don’t hesitate to email us at

Give your furry family members a scratch and a treat for us!

~ Your Loyal Calvin & Susie Blogger + the Entire Calvin & Susie and CSHAF Team!

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