Something wasn’t right with my cat, Brandy. For all of her 15 years, eating had always been her greatest joy. She always knew exactly when her meals were, and if my husband and I were only a few minutes late in feeding her, SHE WOULD LET US KNOW. This was the cat who, only a year ago, had stolen a salmon fillet off my plate when I ran five feet into the kitchen for a napkin. But she wasn’t hungry. This had never happened before. It started when she was unenthusiastic about her dinner one night. She ate it, but her usual relish seemed tempered. This continued into the next morning, and by the next night she merely licked at her food, walked away, and curled up in bed. I couldn’t even coax her


If you’ve come into our store with questions about your allergic pet’s diet, you may recall that we invariably ask what proteins your pet has been eating. Has he or she been eating the same protein source for a long time? Is it chicken? Maybe beef? Even lamb? The reason we ask is because in our Calvin & Susie worker brains, we’re wondering if a change of protein (or a change to a few different proteins) might be a good move for your pet. More often than not, we’re thinking about “novel proteins”. But what are novel proteins? Simply put, a novel protein is a protein that your pet has never eaten before. Sounds easy enough right? If your cat is used to eating chicken, give her beef. If your do

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