For animal lovers, watching the White House often goes beyond policy and politics. We ask ourselves the big questions like: WHO IS THE PRESIDENT’S PET? Is he a dog person? A cat person? A goat person? Yes, there has been a presidential goat. (More on that later) We all know or have heard of Bo and Sunny, Socks, Buddy, Millie, Rex, Grits, or Liberty. But how many of us remember Algonquin the Pony or Billy the Hippo? Many of our presidents have been major animal lovers and because they were, you know, THE PRESIDENT, they were able to have some pretty unusual pets. So here, for your Presidents Day pleasure, are some of our Commander in Chief’s most unusual animal companions. If you’re like me,


As many of you may know we offer Anesthesia-Free Dental Cleaning by Canine Dental Service, approximately every six weeks. We regularly field questions as to what exactly this procedure is, and if it is safe and/or effective at keeping your dog’s teeth clean? While nothing is 100% fool proof, we’ve found that this service is a great way to maintain your pet’s oral health, while not needing to subject them to the stresses of “putting them under” i.e. anesthesia. I have personally been working at the store for almost every Anesthesia-Free Dental Cleaning days for the past two and a half years, and over that time I’ve picked up a fair amount of information about the service from the technician a

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