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Over the Labor Day weekend, we had the opportunity to participate in the Da Kine Canine Festival in Kailua. It is your typical doggie festival, filled with treats, toys, music, vendors and of course lots and lots of dogs!

I always like these events because it’s a change of scenery from the store and we get to socialize with customers in a

festive environment. We meet new people and pets and usually end the day feeling pretty good about what we do.

Sometimes, however, you meet a creature whose life has been so unfair, and in their eyes you see such depth of experience-good and bad- that it stirs you, and all you want to do is run home to your beloved furry family members and hold them until they nip at you. We had the privilege of meeting such a dog this weekend.

I do not want to turn this into a love letter to a dog I hardly know, but I do think it is worth remarking when a dog shakes you to your core. Her poor body had been through so much- litters, hunger, skin conditions, the elements – yet in her eyes was a gentle soul, unflinchingly meeting each person’s eyes who stopped to pet her, asking the question, “Who will you be to me?” – friend, foe, family?

I’m not sure exactly what I hope you to extract from this. I wanted to share this with our Calvin and Susie friends because I find that the unifying thread amongst our customers tends to be the honest and insistent desire to do best by your dog. Does this extend to all dogs? Can it? Sadly, probably not. However we can certainly try. I guess I ask you to take that second look at that street or shelter dog and perhaps dole out a little kindness if possible.

More than anything, support your local shelters and adopt, and encourage others to adopt, whenever you can. There are gems out there, they just need to be cleaned up a little.

And most of all, love your pets and be thankful for each day with them. There are so many four-legged friends out there who are waiting to be so fortunate.

Those eyes…

~Your Loyal Calvin & Susie Blogger

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