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One of the joys of working at Calvin & Susie is hearing all the wonderful stories about how pets found their Forever Homes. Some pets are really inspiring- surviving adversity, hunger, illness, homelessness, and so much more. After all that they are still able to smile up at us (YES, I’m completely convinced dogs and cats DO smile!) and bring so much happiness into our lives.

So welcome to A Dog’s/Cat’s Tale, a recurring post on our blog that will feature an “interview” with one of the many amazing pets we had the privilege to meet.

If your pet has an amazing story, feel free to contact us at and sharehis or her story. Your pet may be our next featured interview!

So without any further ado, may I present to you…

A Dog’s Tale…with Luna

What is your pet’s full name? Luna Coury

Breed of pet or closest approximation: Pit/Boxer Mix (best guess)

How old is your pet? 9.5 years

When and how did you meet your pet?

I met her in my old neighborhood in Oakland, CA when I saw her behind a chain link fence during a lunar eclipse.

What is your pet’s favorite activity? Playing tug and curling up with me on the couch.

What is your pet’s favorite treat, if any? Luna LOVES repurposed toilet paper or paper towel tubes filled with milkbones and dehydrated duck jerky. The paper tubes make her feel like she is finding the food and working.

What is your pet’s favorite toy, if any? ROPES and her new fave is the antlers I get her from Calvin & Susie!

Finish this sentence: Luna will do anything for… me. She is the most loyal creature I have ever been blessed to meet and she keeps me safe and loved.

The funniest thing my pet does is... talk in her sleep. She howls and makes the funniest sounds then starts twitching and running. Even when it wakes me up at 4am, I smile from ear to ear.

Describe Luna in 5 words: Loyal, Loving, Tender, Protective, Beautiful

How Luna met Rita…

Luna came to me after a very difficult start. She was found by a trash collector in a black garbage bin under 3 trash bags full of trash. She was beaten, stabbed, starved to skin and bone, burned and her belly was full of toxins in an effort to poison her to death after being used as bait dog in pit bull dog fights.

When the trash man hit the button on the compactor of his truck, the loud noise woke her up and she coughed. Luckily for us all, he pulled her out and my neighbor took her to the vet. I claimed her as mine so that they would not euthanize her and after three weeks of IV’s and treatments to heal her many wounds I was able to take her home.

Luna did not know how to be around humans or animals without fear or fighting. The slightest movement of my hand or raising my arms would send her cowering to the floor shaking in fear. Her first meal with me was after I sat perfectly still for HOURS until she felt safe enough to take food out of a bowl in my lap. We grew together from there. I slept in her crate with her at night and worked with her for 2 weeks straight. Luna had to re-learn every thing. With trust came affection and love then silliness and after awhile, I finally got to see her puppy side.

9.5 years later, Luna still acts like a carefree puppy refusing to grow up or grow old. She is my every day joy and my forever puppy and I am the most blessed person to be lucky enough to be her human.

would ya look at that face?

Thank you to Luna’s Mom, Rita, for sharing Luna’s story with us! What a lucky girl she is, and what a lucky lady YOU are to have found her!

Give your pet a scratch for us!

~Your Loyal Calvin & Susie Blogger

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