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Welcome back to A Dog’s Tale!

This week we feature Emi. When Emi came into our store with her Dad, we were immediately smitten with this girl. She’s a determined little dachshund who impressed us with her feisty spirit. When she looked at us, it was as if she was saying, “What do you want? Can’t you see I’m shopping?”. A dog with real character!

So of course we had to learn more about her. And you will too. Please, take a moment to enjoy…

A Dog’s Tale…with Emi

What is your pet’s full name? Emi

Breed of Pet or closest approximation: Miniature Dachshund

When and how did you meet your pet? We met Emi at The Pet Corner (Ward Warehouse) in February, she was 1 of 3 mini dachshunds surrender by their owner to the O‘ahu SPCA. Kathy brought her home about a week later.

Emi is a modern dog with things to do and people to sniff

What is your pet’s favorite activity? Going out with us.

What is your pet’s favorite treat, if any? Grandma Lucy’s cookies

What is your pet’s favorite toy, if any?

Emi may not have a favorite toy, but this toy sure seems to like her!

The funniest thing my pet does is ... the sounds she makes when she stretches and scratches, or diving onto her pillow.

Describe Emi in 5 words … affectionate, stubborn, sleepyhead, loyal, funny

Emi’s dad says: One of my first photos of Emi, was a few days after we picked her up from the pet shelter. She loves to wait by the front door for Kat to come home from work.

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