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Dogs like weird things.

Nothing new there.

How many times have you bought your pooch a brand new squeaky chew toy and he ignores it in favor of your slippers?

How many times have you bought your furry friend a delicious healthy beef treat, and you find them at 3am, nosing through the garbage?

Don’t even get me started on the love affair between dogs and cat litter boxes…SO GROSS.

So here at the store, we try to stock a variety of treats and chews that will appeal to your dog’s more discerning palate. Yes, some are stinky and some aren’t pretty, but if it keeps your dog’s nose out of the trash or the diaper genie, isn’t it worth it?

Still there’s always that moment when a customer realizes what they are holding and they can’t decide to throw it down or not. Perfectly normal.

“It’s really a..?”. Yes, it usually is!

So here is a quick rundown of some of our more unique dog treats. The ones that make the dogs drool and the owners gag!

Bravo Dried Beef Cow Trachea

Yes, it’s a real cow trachea. Yes, they (dogs), actually like them. Yes, those are little globules of fat stuck to it.

Looks aren’t everything and trachea are more than meets the eye. Beyond being a delicious chew treat for you dog, trachea are a natural source of chondroitin and glucosamine. So if you decide to give your dog a cow trachea, know that you’re also helping their joints stay happy and healthy!

Bravo All Natural Dry Roasted Duck Feet

“But is it a REAL duck foot?”, asks the customer gingerly examining the bag in his or her hand.

It sure is! Duck feet are a crunchy, tasty, treat for your dog (and cat!) to snack on. If your dog is a little older and can’t quite crunch the foot, or if your cat needs some help gnawing on it, you can soak a duck foot in warm water to soften it, while still maintaining it’s chewy goodness.

And don’t worry, the toenails have been removed and the tendons and little bones won’t shard and hurt your pet’s insides. Just use good sense and always keep an eye on your pet when you give them a new treat!

Bully Sticks

Bull penis. That’s what a bully stick is. A delicious, stinky, chewy bull penis.

Sometimes people don’t believe me. Sometimes they throw it down when I tell them. Either way, dogs love ’em. Bully sticks are long lasting, healthy chews that dogs can work on for a long while, longer than most chews.

Next time you’re looking for a healtful treat to keep your dog occupied? Look to the Bully!

So when you’re ready to try something new and delicious for your pet, check out one of these more “unusual” treats. Happy Snacking!

~Your Loyal Calvin & Susie Blogger

NOTE: Please, always check with your vet before making any changes to your pet’s diet. The Calvin & Susie Blogger always researches to the best of her ability, but she is not a vet. This blog is not in any way meant to replace veterinary advice or care. When in doubt always ask a vet.

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