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Happy New Year Calvin & Susie Family!

Every year that passes, the Calvin & Susie staff looks back, wipes their brow, and raises a toast (or a treat!) to all the good fortune we’ve had. This year was no exception.

Jo and Emma are all grins about the New Year!

It was a year of growth for us. Not only do we have new members in our family (you may remember them from behind the register, or as the smiling face holding out a snack for your pet) and new food on our shelves,

Leah and Zen

Regina and Jelly

but we opened an addition in Kailua!

Calvin & Susie Kailua!

In case you haven’t visited our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (our Instagram was also new in 2014! @calvinandsusie), the rumors are true — to kick off 2015, we brought our signature furry-friendly service to 143 Hekili St. #101, behind Peet’s Coffee, in Kailua. Windward side customers will now be conveniently close to their pet’s food, treats, and selected supplies. Don’t see what you need in our Kailua store, but know it’s in our Kapahulu store? Just let us know, and we’ll bring it over for you.

Tommy “tests out” the floor in Kailua

As pet parents ourselves, we know what a relief it is to have your pet’s food close by and at the ready.

And while we are all a bit preoccupied with juggling and setting up the new store, rest assured that your pets’ needs, no matter where they may live or shop, continue to remain our number One priority. After all, our growth and expansion is just a simple result of our customers’ loyalty to us and it’s something we never ever take for granted.

You are the people (and pets!), who in the early days, told your friends about the fledgling pet supply store in Kilohana Square. You are the people who took a chance and walked in our doors. You are the people who wrote us amazing reviews, sent us pictures, wrote us emails, and became a part of our ohana. You are the people who allowed us the privilege of being part of your daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly life – shout-out to our out-of-town customers who always come in whenever you are visiting Hawaii!

I’d like to offer a little story from “Behind the Counter” that to me, is the heart of Calvin & Susie.

Early last year, Jo and I were finishing up a long day. We’d had a huge delivery, and had moved thousands of pounds of food into our stock room, after an insanely busy day. Needless to say, we were wiped.

During a lull in business, Jo and I turned to each other and couldn’t help but laugh. Maybe out of exhaustion, maybe out of disbelief that work — no matter how much you love it — could be so hard. I should note that at times like this, working with people you like and respect is invaluable.

Anyway, after we got the giggles out of our system, we both sat quiet for a moment. Then Jo spoke, answering the question that was hanging in the air, the one that neither of us had said aloud.

“We do it for our customers — especially the pets we’ve come to know and love. They are the ones that keep us going. When I’m having a bad day, just seeing the furry, innocent, smiling faces, giving them a treat…I remember why it’s all worth it. They make it all better. They are why we do this.”

You gave us, and continue to give us, purpose.

Tommy and Emma turned 10 this year!

Yes, it’s true we work hard to bring you and your pet the best nutrition, supplies, and service we can muster, but you have no idea how much it means to us to see your happy, healthy pet trot into our store.

Payment doesn’t just come in dollar amounts, sometimes it comes from four paws and a wagging tail.

So for 2014, and the years that came before, we thank you for allowing us to be a part of you and your pet’s lives. There are big things on the horizon for 2015, but one thing that will never change is our commitment to YOU.

Near or far, Brandy and I are working hard for the C&S Family

Thank you for helping us get here! We can’t wait to see what 2015 brings our Calvin & Susie Family!


~Your Loyal Calvin & Susie Blogger

Ash and Zen looking fancy!

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