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…our very own Alli!

Some of you may have noticed that our Calvin & Susie Treats labels have gotten a colorful, Hawai‘i-themed makeover. The playful artwork was created by none other than our owner and founder, Alli!

“I wanted to tell a story with each label,” Alli explains. For example, with the Yami Jerky artwork above, “A couple of friends out for adventure in the back woods strike sweet potatoes! They’re in Kauai‘i with Nā Pali in the background.”

For the Ahi Jerky label, Alli describes it as, “Out to catch some waves in Waikiki and ‘WHA-WHAT?'”

And in my personal favorite, the label for the Cheese Moons, Alli says, “It’s a starry Hawaiian night. Quiet and peaceful. Our furry friend is longing for that Cheese Moon.”

It kind of reminds me of my favorite book from childhood, Goodnight Moon.

A lot of time, effort, and consideration went into the new label art. With the help of her friend Nan, who did most of the Coconut Bones label, and the input of a graphic artist, Alli went through “many iterations of each label”.

“I sought to portray whimsical depictions of life for Hawai‘i dogs,” says Alli. “Good or not, the art is personal, and it’s very ‘us’ [Calvin & Susie].”

So the next time you’re in the store, check out our new Calvin & Susie Treats labels (don’t worry, the treats themselves haven’t changed!). Which one is your favorite?

And as always, just like the treats inside, the art on the outside was made with love for our furry ‘ohana!

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