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We adore our cats, but they don’t always adore the treats we (try to) give them.

How often have you been in a situation where you want nothing more than to give your kitty a treat that seems tasty to your human sensibilities, that you chose ever so carefully to suit your picky kitty’s discerning tastes, only to have her turn her nose up at the offering? Like she’s offended.

Most cat parents are all too familiar with this scenario.

And while we can’t guarantee what treats your cats will like, we are confident in a couple of our customer favorites.

Bravo! Treats are 100% freeze dried meat – nothing else. These purr-fectly cat-sized morsels retain the rich, wholesomeness of raw meat through the freeze drying process, making them a treat you can feel good about giving to your cat. Bravo’s Turkey Medley includes not only muscle meat, but also nutrient rich organ meat; the Mariner’s Medley is a tempting mix of salmon, cod, and shrimp; the Salmon Treats retain the essential fatty acids and enzymes that make salmon an excellent meat source for your little carnivore.

Bravo! Treats are available at both our Kapahulu and Kailua shops, and cost $7.50 (plus tax).

Made from nothing but wild-caught Hawaiian Ahi, Calvin & Susie’s Ahi Jerky is the chewy, fishy local treat that will give your cat (and dog!) a true taste of aloha!

Greta, our Los Angeles kitty-friend pictured above, is “crazy” for our Ahi Jerky. Her mom says that from the moment she opened the package, “Greta has been all over it!” In fact, Greta’s mom has to hide the Honolulu-made treat high up, away from Greta’s paws, or she’ll rip it open and devour the whole bag!

That’s endorsement enough for us!

Calvin & Susie Ahi Jerky is available at both our Kapahulu and Kailua shops, as well as online at Price is $13 (plus tax, or shipping & handling for online purchases).

With some extra-tasty treats, maybe this holiday season will be one that finally tickles your kitty’s taste buds!

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