Jessie was a gift. The children ran down the staircase on Christmas morning and were delighted to find a tan and cream colored ball of fluff yelping at them softly from under the tree. The squeals of joy echoed throughout the house and Christmas day was indeed merry and bright. As the days wore on and winter turned to spring and spring to summer, the little ball of tan and cream colored fluff grew and grew. His little yelps grew into big, strong, grown up barks- he loved to talk- and he discovered a passion for chewing up shoes. His playmates, the children, grew up too, turning to video games and clothes instead of tossing the tennis ball with Jessie. Jessie’s family decided he talked too mu


Like it or not, the Holidays are upon us. I, for one, am thrilled. As far as I’m concerned the Holiday Season begins the day before Halloween and I will shamelessly drag it out well into the first week of the year. I love the Holidays (yes I’m capitalizing “Holidays” because it deserves a place of importance and it is a PROPER noun in my tinsel filled world of wonder) for three specific reasons: 1. Food 2. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 3. Dogs and cats in FESTIVE OUTFITS! As much as this list gleefully raises my blood pressure, let me remind you that Fido in full reindeer regalia may not have a place at the table with Martha Stewart and Hugh Laurie. Here are some common Holiday foods


Another fun fact about your Loyal Calvin & Susie Blogger. She has only lived in Hawai’i for about a year and a half. Upon moving to O’ahu, I was amazed by the ocean, the mountains, the flora, the fauna, the food- and the roaches. And ants. But mostly the roaches. They just don’t go away do they? Now I’m sure you’re saying to yourself, “How hard is it to fight roaches? You just spray. They die. You live. Done.” Yes. However, there are two major things that stop me from this option. 1) My cat. Brandy the Cat. Cats, and for that matter, dogs, walk all over your house and have this pesky habit of licking their paws. So, what gets on them gets in their mouths. What gets in their mouths gets in th


Welcome back to A Dog’s Tale! This week we feature Emi. When Emi came into our store with her Dad, we were immediately smitten with this girl. She’s a determined little dachshund who impressed us with her feisty spirit. When she looked at us, it was as if she was saying, “What do you want? Can’t you see I’m shopping?”. A dog with real character! So of course we had to learn more about her. And you will too. Please, take a moment to enjoy… A Dog’s Tale…with Emi What is your pet’s full name? Emi Breed of Pet or closest approximation: Miniature Dachshund When and how did you meet your pet? We met Emi at The Pet Corner (Ward Warehouse) in February, she was 1 of 3 mini dachshunds surrender by the

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